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Our story begins as most stories go, with a drink, then an idea. When it comes to agave, Iced 8's partners are not amateurs.  We’re growers, processors, master distillers and most importantly entrepreneurs. 

Iced 8 Distilling was formed out of the knowledge that craft distillers were pioneering the way in which people enjoyed spirits. Craft vodkas, whiskeys, bourbons and gins quickly began emerging across the country with small-batch quality that simply couldn’t be matched by the larger liquor companies. However, one spirit continued to be a daunting challenge, agave spirits. This is mainly due to the access of raw material needed to produce premium products.   While a small handful of distillers are producing agave spirits, the quality of the material they are using results in a long fermentation process with  less than desired results.

The opportunity to produce high-quality 100% blue agave spirits was the passion behind Iced 8 Distilling. After years of tireless work and innovation we have created a specialized agave spirits system. This system works in harmony with our exclusive agave extract, allowing distillers to produce unique agave spirits using their own creativity that will rival the likes of any luxury product produced in Mexico. 

Our Agave


Creating superior quality spirits begins with the establishment of a continuous supply of high-quality raw materials.  Starting many years ago, Iced 8 began the process of planting its own exclusive agave fields to produce the highest-quality piñas possible for our agave spirits system.

Our Fields

Utilizing the expertise of our 2nd to 4th generation growers, we have been able to effectively establish rich agave fields that are among the finest in the entire industry.  Using Blue Agave Tequilana Weber as the centerpiece in our process, we continually supply our factory with premium agave piñas aged to absoulete perfection.


 The jimador’s harvest the agave piñas just as their ancestors have, right when the sugar content is at its highest. The sharp pointy leaves are stripped away using a coa, a flat pole-like knife, leaving the piña or heart of the agave plant ready for processing. 

Our Facility


Located just a short distant from the agave fields, our state-of-the-art processing facility was established to quickly turn the raw agave piñas into the specialized agave extract that goes into our agave spirits production system. 

This facility was made possible with the help of our master distillers and process personnel, all of which possess at least 25 years of individual experience in their respective areas of the agave and distilling industries.

Combining traditional practices with the latest in modern day technology, our facility possesses a unique ability to process raw material while keeping productions costs low. This specialized method results in consistent high-quality concentrate that is processed to our desired specifications and flavor profiles. “Our Innovation, Your Imagination” is what Iced 8 Distilling is all about. We provide you with the means to create premium agave spirits, and we leave the end-product up to the vision and creative spirit of you, the craft distiller.


Want to create quality agave spirits?

Do you have a passion for creativity?  Our innovation, your imagination. 

Want to be part of the fastest growing product segment in the spirits industry?

Consumption of this popular spirit has skyrocketed worldwide.   Making it one of the fastest growing spirits here in the U.S.

Want to differentiate yourself from the competition?

If you would like to learn more about how you can become a part of this unique opportunity, please fill out the Contact Us page for additional information.

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